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CellarMan is offering a unique opportunity to take advantage of its user base through a banner advertisment on its public events page.

The public events page is open to anyone holding a wine related event to promote that event to the community for free. It uses a unique entry mechanism, which allows the event holder to add and modify an event entry securely, without tedious registrations and logins.

CellarMan has a small, but growing viewer base with a very focused interest - the love of wine. Last month, there were 15490 views of the events page. Currently, the approximate number of views is running at 5850 per month.

Only 2 select banners, each 160px x 160px, will be available directly under the events summary listing in the right hand column. Each banner will be available to advertisers on a monthly basis and will be awarded by tender. The minimum tender value is US$30.


Bidding opens on the 1st of each month and continues for 3 weeks, closing at midnight US Central Time on the 21st of the month. More details on bidding can be found here.

Start your bidding by clicking on one of the boxes marked '1' or '2', representing the banner placement. After you have filled in the initial bid form, you will receive an email with a link which will enable you to make further bids.

Bid for Banner position 1
Bid for Banner position 2


CellarMan is an Internet based, full featured wine management program that costs less than a bottle of wine per month. It is part of a group of applications, including CellarMan Select that draws wine drinkers and collectors, producers, importers and distributors and retailers to our site.

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