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CellarMan adds Tasting Events.

CellarMan announces the addition of a worldwide Tasting Events Calendar to its front page.

The calendar lists events to be held from around the world. Using a simple navigation technique, users can readily see all current events. To find an event in your area, choose a country, which will then only show events for that country, and then choose a city, town or suburb from the list provided.

Alternatively, a search box allows users to enter specific queries.

Adding the calendar to the front page is significant, as it means that you don't have to subscribe to CellarMan to access it.

Also, there is no requirement to join or register to add an event. Any event holder can add an event by agreeing to the terms and entering the required information on a simple form. A unique technique allows event holders to come back and edit their information in a secure way without fear that someone else could change their information.

As CellarMan's user base expands, the event calendar will be a great resource for users and event holders alike.

The next tasting event you attend, let the organiser know about our tasting calendar at cellarman.net .

Take a look at current events.


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