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CellarMan Banner Bid Q&A

Why Advertise on CellarMan?

CellarMan is a suite of applications servicing the entire wine industry, from producers to consumers. CellarMan therefore, attracts wine professionals - producers, importers, distributors and retailers, as well as consumers and collectors. CellarMan Events is open to any group holding a wine related event to advertise their event for free.

Do I have to register to bid?

No. CellarMan believes that life should be easy and has designed a unique procedure that allows you to securely bid and re-bid without going through a tedious registration process and having to remember one more password.

How many times can I bid?

You can bid as many times as you like. Bidding is open 24hrs a day for 3 weeks, from the 1st of the month up until the 21st of the same month.

How do I see the current highest bid?

Use the link that was emailed to you after you made your first bid. The current highest bid is displayed on this page.

How will I know if my bid won?

The day after bidding closes you will receive an email announcing if you have won or not.

How do I pay for the banner?

Once you have won the tender, an electronic invoice will be sent by email. This is payable by credit card on-line. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Amex. Banners must be paid for in advance.


CellarMan is an Internet based, full featured wine management program that costs less than a bottle of wine per month. It is part of a group of applications, including CellarMan Select that draws wine drinkers and collectors, producers, importers and distributors and retailers to our site.

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